External Review of Governance

The Academy Trust Handbook makes it clear that from September 2021 there is an expectation that academy trusts should have an external review of governance.  As part of our internal scrutiny services, we offer a governance audit to support trustees and governors in continually improving their practices.  Our audit framework reviews the following areas:

Why choose SBM Services for your external governance review?

  • We only work in the education sector, therefore we are specialists in the field
  • Our team have practical experience of working with trust boards of all sizes both in terms of supporting schools with their governance arrangements but also working directly as clerks, governors, and Chairs of Governors
  • We are a national company so can share our experiences from working with other trust boards across the country to support you with improving the governance arrangements within your trust

To find out more or to book your audit, please contact us via email at info@sbmservices.co.uk or by phone at 01206 671103.

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